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  1. Ellen Giangiordano says:

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Passons,

    My son, Nicholas, attended Queen of Angels with Brennan through the 2010 school year, which is when we returned to Philadelphia. I wanted to share with you that in April of this year, we had to take my youngest son, Patrick, age 5, to the ER as he was having trouble breathing. I believe Brennan, together, with Our Lady, interceded for Patrick as I related in an email to the members of my rosary group, a copy of which is included below. In thanksgiving for Patrick’s recovery, my friend, Ana, had a mass said for Brennan and your family at noon on Father’s Day at St. Philomena’s Parish in Philadelphia.

    Many blessings,

    Ellen Giangiordano


    I gratefully thank you for your prayers for Patrick, and for Ana’s circulating the prayer request to our rosary group. Patrick is resting comfortably in my bed after being given a dose of prednisone last night in the ER.

    As Greg was pulling out of the driveway last night, I began praying very hard to two people: Our Blessed Mother and Brennan Passons. Brennan, who was a classmate of my son, Nick, in Ga, died on the way to the hospital in September of 2011 from a severe asthma attack. Brennan was 11 years old. As I prayed to Brennan, my lungs began to burn ever so slightly and I thought, “My God want you must have gone through. Please intercede for my son, Brennan.” Patrick was panting as Greg left with him. After a few minutes of praying to Brennan and Our Lady the burning feeling left me and I felt very peaceful.

    I believe that Brennan interceded last night and that all of your prayers, combined with hers and Our Lady’s, put Patrick’s situation directly at the feet of Our Lord, who then granted the relief that we all sought.

    In thanksgiving to Brennan, please keep her and her family in your prayers, all of whom are named below.

    Peace and Blessings,


    Thanks Brennan!
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    PASSONS, Brennan BRENNAN NICOLE PASSONS Our Sweet Angel, Brennan Nicole Passons who in her 11 short years of life, brought more happiness and smiles to friends and strangers alike, than many people experience in a lifetime, was called by our Good Lord on October 10, 2011 to serve a larger purpose than we can understand. Brennan was a 6th grade student at Queen of Angels School in Roswell. She is survived by her loving parents, Tim and Sarah Passons of Roswell; brothers, Dalton Passons of Roswell and Joshua Passons of New Orleans; grandparents, Connie and Lawrence Guillot of New Orleans; godparents, Katherine and Michael Ahrens and Teresa and Don Saller; aunts, uncles, cousins and countless friends.

    • says:

      Thank You Ellen for your kind words. It’s heartwarming to know you had the faith in Brennan to help Patrick through his episode. We know her spirit is among us all.


      tim passons

  2. Mom says:

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